* Goma Wakame (Sesame Seaweed)~ What is Goma Wakame?

* Goma Wakame (Sesame Seaweed)~ What is Goma Wakame? Goma Wakame, also known as seaweed salad, is a popular side dish at American and European sushi restaurants.

Literally translated, it means “sesame seaweed,” as sesame seeds are usually included in the recipe.~ Is Goma Wakame healthy?

Wakame is a highly nutritious, edible seaweed that can add a range of vitamins and minerals to your diet for a low number of calories. It’s also been associated with various health benefits, including lower cholesterol levels, decreased blood pressure, enhanced weight loss, and reduced blood sugar.

Can you eat Wakame raw? Wakame is low in calories but supplies a good amount of important nutrients. Even in small amounts, it can help boost your intake of minerals like iodine, manganese, folate, magnesium, and calcium to help you meet your nutrient needs. Just two tablespoons (10 grams) of raw Wakame Seaweed offers (1, 2 ): Calories: 5.~ Can you eat too much Wakame?

Though Wakame is generally healthy, consuming excess amounts may cause adverse side effects in some people. Certain brands may contain high amounts of sodium, increasing blood pressure in those who are sensitive to its effects ( 23 ). It’s also high in iodine, packing roughly 28% of the RDI per gram ( 2 ).

What does Wakame taste like? Wakame. Wakame is a delicate, lightly sweet seaweed often used raw and rehydrated in salads and miso soup. Because of its silky, satiny texture, I find it important to pair wakame with ingredients that have some crunch or chew, like pink shrimp or cucumbers in a Japanese sunomono salad, for better balance.

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